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chris hibben drone pilotSnap 180 Media LLc's DJI Inspire 1 Drone produces the some of the smoothest rock solid 3 axis gyro stabilized videos of any remote machine currently available on the market. The stability of the footage rivals that from a full sized helicopter!  The amazing built-in camera films aerial video at 4K and other various flim sizes and lens is fixed at 16mm for optimum results. This craft can be used for films, TV shows, commercials, real estate, universities, corporate videos, or any one who needs aerial media. Operated by a single pilot with ease or with a separate camera pilot for more complex gimbal control enabling us to film at any angle from any 3 dimensional point in space. Recommend video frame rates are 60fps and 30fps. We can later reduce later in post production. This multicopter has a live wireless video feed for pilot and separate live video feed for cameraman and director.

The remote aircraft is relatively small total weight usually averages about 5 lbs and is about an average size of 3 feet across and 1 foot tall. It can be used for all kinds of aerial missions including but not limited to, aerial photography, aerial video, search and rescue, thermal imaging, 3D rendering, panoramic aerial photography, 360 degree panoramas, showing the future view of buildings not yet made and more. The drone must always stay within line of sight of the pilot and stay clear of obstacles such as power lines, trees, buildings, radio or high frequency broadcast sites and any other hazards to flight. Typically shots are best accomplished with the pilot standing at a point behind the aircraft with the camera facing the same direction for normal orientation, although any orientation is possible. The aircraft is battery operated and has a 15 to 20 minute flight time before landing is needed to change batteries and fly again as needed. A clear take off area is required for safety. Live video monitors provide live view for still photos or video while in flight. All media is recorded on board. We don't fly in the rain or heavy snow and cant allow sand or dust to enter the system. Optimum wind conditions are ideal under 10 MPH. We only operate during the day. If a night shot is required the propper permissions to fly at night are produced first before we fly. Snap 180 Media, can perform basically any aerial related task with mission planning.

The main advantage is a creative and unique one. The close range aerial filming via our radio controlled drone multirotor can access places full sized manned aircraft can not. Producing shots not possible with traditional manned aircraft. The small size and light weight aircraft allows us to fly closer to subjects with a low noise/wind impact in the surrounding environment. Many times our aircraft go unnoticed. 

Dusty conditions or active precipitation and or winds in excess are also considerations. Taking off at a dusty work site for example the copter can blow a large amount of dust into the air some can get into the camera and ruin the shot. Sand as well. If your location has any of these hazards please let us know. We will have to make arrangements for a water down of the site and or use of a landing platform or alternate take off area. If your site is dusty or in an active work zone or is for one reason or another un safe to take off and land in then we will try and fly from an adjacent area near by if safety permits.