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Aerial Photography

wisconsin drone EAASnap 180 Media is very happy to have one of the newest platforms to shoot aerial photographs from. Don't get me wrong if you are looking for a shot that is at 10,000 feet above the ground you will need a real plane but now we have UAVs or Drones. Drones carry the latest technology to allow the photographer to bring a cost effective solution to their clients wanting aerial pictures. X-Flight now offers this technology to you in the form of the DJI Inspire 1. We feel that the combination of GPS and safety features on the Inspire satisfies our need for safety. Not to mention the latest Sony 4K 12 megapixel camera mounted on a full 360 degree gimbal that allows us to capture stunning pictures of your house, business, or any situation you would like us to shoot. 

If you are looking for aerial drone photography for your next project give us a call and find out how we can turn ordinary into extraordinary. 

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